Electronic Procurement Services from Agilent
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eProcurement Overview

The ability to easily access new and better solutions can help your business succeed. As an Agilent customer, you have trust in our innovative products – knowing they are backed by expertise, reliability, consistency, and quality. We want to extend that trust in our proven solutions by introducing you to our suite of eProcurement services.

Each eProcurement solution is designed to help you get the products you need more quickly, easily, and cost effectively.

Now you can utilize Agilent eProcurement solutions to:

  • Simplify your purchasing experience, from start to finish
  • Streamline the procure-to-pay cycle through automated order placement and processing
  • Enhance your invoicing capabilities with the added support of automated invoice posting and payment
  • Leverage your existing eProcurement investments

Send and Receive Electronic Documents

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Access the Agilent website through your existing eProcurement system.

Login to your institution’s eProcurement system, then access Agilent’s website to locate and order products. Add items to the shopping cart and check-out or ‘punch back’ into your procurement system for review and approval. This PunchOut™ solution gives you:

  • Convenience – Enjoy a simple web-based experience all while staying within your eProcurement system.
  • Increased efficiency – Access real-time pricing and the full Agilent portfolio, including the latest products.
  • Simplified eCommerce – Integrate Agilent’s website into your existing purchasing system.

Level II PunchOut™

  • Search for items within your own system and confirm product availability, before connecting to the Agilent website.

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Hosted Catalog

Enables you to load your company’s pricing into your eProcurement platform.

The Hosted Catalog is accessible from your existing eProcurement system and offers you:

  • The right price – View pricing specific to your organization.
  • Ease of access – Tap into the full line of Agilent products and make your selections.
  • Full content – Quickly identify the specific products and supplies you need.

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eOrdering and eInvoicing

Experience seamless ordering and invoicing.

Experience new levels of productivity through increased automation and quicker connectivity, as well as the added convenience of paperless transactions.

When utilizing these eProcurement solutions, you’ll experience these efficiencies:

  • The “green” light – A completely paperless solution to assist with your ecological initiatives
  • Streamlined workflow – Simplified purchasing from procure to pay
  • Savings – Lower cost and more time-efficient transactions
  • Increased profitability – Reduced procurement costs to help your bottom line
  • User-friendly compatibility – Formats are available for all standard platforms (cXML, EDI, etc.)
  • Better spend control – The self-documenting infrastructure yields valuable data for better spend control

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